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Manuplas to show its range of sprayed vessel fender systems at Seawork

13th April 2017

Manuplas will display its range of bespoke sprayed fendering systems, designed for protecting the sides and bows of commercial vessels at the Seawork Commercial Marine and Workboat Exhibition, 13-15 June 2017.

An increased focus in recent years on the need to reduce the operational costs of vessels in terms of reduced fuel consumption has driven Manuplas to develop lightweight sprayed fendering systems which are up to 60% lighter than traditional rubber D Fenders.  This helps to improve speed and fuel consumption of a range of vessels including wind farm services vessels, high speed interceptor vessels, lifeboats, military vessels, crew transfer monohulls / catamarans, patrol boats and search and rescue vessels.  

The fenders are manufactured form a cross-linked polyethylene foam with a non-marking spray applied polyurethane elastomer skin.

Manuplas lightweight, sprayed fenders are often supplied as a modular configuration which makes it easier, quicker and more cost effective to replace worn or damaged sections.  Vessel downtime is therefore also reduced dramatically.

Greg Hue, Global Sales Manager for Manuplas Marine and Fendering Products says: "Seawork will be a great opportunity to tell the market about our on-going research that has gone into developing leading concepts for lightweight fender solutions."

Visitors to the Manuplas stand (PY13) at Seawork will be able to see other products from the Manuplas range on display including cast vessel fendering, floating fenders and a range of surface buoys such as mooring buoys and navigation buoys.


Manuplas to Exhibit at Seawork 2017

13th February 2017

Manuplas Limited will show its leading range of marine buoys and fendering products at the Seawork Commercial Marine and Workboat Exhibition 2017.

Seawork will be held at the Mayflower Park in Southampton from 13-15 June, Manuplas (stand PY13).

Manuplas will display their innovative modular bow fendering systems, designed for mounting on wind farm support vessels, as well as fendering solutions for protecting the sides and bows of commercial vessels including workboats, wind farm service vessels, pilot boats, life boats and patrol boats.

Manufactured from cross-linked polyethylene foam with either a cast or spray applied non-marking polyurethane elastomer skin, Manuplas modular bow fendering systems have been designed to be easy and cost effective to replace if sections become worn or damaged. The bow fenders are considerably lighter than traditional rubber D fendering and this lightweight design means both improved speed and fuel consumption of vessels. The structure of these fenders generates a high level of energy absorption and grip, optimising safety for the crew when the vessel is against a wind turbine.

Greg Hue, Global Sales Manager for Marine and Fendering Products at Manuplas says: “Manuplas flexible and adaptable fender design and manufacturing processes ensure that all types of vessel specifications and budgets can be catered for. As well as offering an extensive range of standard fender profiles, Manuplas can also create custom fender shapes in-house to fit any specification”.

Manuplas also offer foam-filled floating fenders for ports, harbours and navies as well as a range of buoys including mooring buoys, navigation buoys, anchor pendant buoys, chain support buoys and modular buoys. Features of Manuplas buoys include virtually no loss of buoyancy if the outer skin is breached and optional reinforcement of the skin with nylon or Kevlar to suit operational requirements.

Greg Hue comments: "Seawork will be a great opportunity to tell the market about our on-going research that has gone into developing leading concepts for lightweight fender solutions, as well as showing our latest mooring buoys, navigation buoys and floating quayside fenders to port and harbour masters."

Visitors will find Manuplas products and knowledgeable staff available throughout the duration of the show on stand PY13.

For further information on Manuplas buoys and fendering systems, call +44 (0)1752 771740 or email

Photo Caption: Modular sprayed bow fendering supplied to Windcat Workboats for Windcat 34 Vessel. Photo courtesy of Windcat Workboats.


New Cast Vessel Fender Brochure form Manuplas

27th January 2017

Manuplas' new Cast Vessel Fender brochure provides information regarding Manuplas lightweight and durable cast fenders.   A high quality, smooth and non-marking surface finish, makes them ideal for both commercial vessels and luxury yachts.

 Manuplas' in-house 5 axis CNC machining facility enables custom fender shapes and sizes to be manufactured to suit your application and budget.  An extensive library of standard moulds is also available.

To find out more download the brochure form our data library

Manuplas supply innovative lightweight fender solutions for PIRIOU’S new wind farm support vessel

4th August 2016

Manuplas Ltd, a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of fendering and buoyancy products for the global marine and offshore energy markets, has recently supplied a 5 piece modular bow fender set and side fenders to leading French ship builder and ship repairer PIRIOU.  The fenders have been installed on its 26m wind farm support vessel "Ocean Wind 9 of Hartlepool'.  The vessel which has been delivered to AIS(Marine)2 Limited, following a first vessel delivered in 2015, will be operated by Windcrew Workboats in the North Sea.

Manuplas were PIRIOU'S chosen suppliers due to their ability to design, manufacture and supply a high performance modular bow fender set, which is exceptionally efficient and reliable in the North Sea's challenging environment.

As Manuplas' Sales Manager Greg Hue explains, "The modular design of Manuplas' bow fender system enabled a tailored solution to be provided for the PIRIOU vessel's specific shape, size and technical specifications.  The modular design will ensure that the fenders are easy and cost effective to install and replace as and when required".

Greg Hue continues, "For the optimum performance and reliability that the PIRIOU vessels demanding operations require, Manuplas' fender construction is particularly suitable.  The Manuplas bow fenders are manufactured from a high-performance, cross-linked polyethylene foam core (which offers optimum impact absorption) and spray coated in a highly abrasion-resistant polyurethane elastomer skin.  The skin is reinforced with two layers of Kevlar to increase the tear resistance of the fender and has a non-slip finish to increase grip and allow safe crew access to turbines".  The bow fenders are also considerably lighter (up to 60% lighter compared to traditional rubber D fenders), improving speed and fuel consumption of vessels.

The durable, long lasting side fenders supplied to PIRIOU are also manufactured from a high performance polyethylene foam core and coated with a cast applied polyurethane coating, providing a high quality, non-marking finish requiring minimal maintenance.  The side fenders are also lightweight, less than a third of the weight of rubber. 



New Marine Products Brochure from Manuplas

27th June 2016

Manuplas has published a new Marine Products Brochure which includes information on its extensive range of products which include boat fendering, quayside fendering, onshore and offshore surface buoys and general marine flotation and abrasion protection.


Please download our 2016 Marine brochure from our data library 

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